Sunday, June 9, 2013

Doors and Windows and Never, Ever Giving Up

On Tuesday when my chances in The Writer’s Voice contest looked grim, one of my writer friends who also participated emailed me:
Sorry. It appears we are out. Maybe contests are not my bag?
To which I responded:
…yeah…depression is sinking in and getting comfy, ordering pizza and refusing to shower or shed the flannel PJ bottoms. Reminder to self:  contest results aren’t proof of worth.
Tuesday was not a good day. No book sales or reviews for my other me, my family was disappointed in me and my work situation was pretty bleak as well. I went to bed feeling like a failure in almost every nook and cranny of my life. I prayed to God for some relief from my burdens.

Fast forward two days. That same friend I commiserated with on Tuesday was picked to be on a team for The Writer’s Voice. Honestly, I was so happy for her that my joy pierced the pall enough for a glimmer of hope to burst through. That little glimmer said, “Hey, chica!” (because it’s from my former home of New Mexico where it’s always sunny), “chin up and remember how far you’ve come! And some people would kill to swap devils with you.”  Truer words were never spoken by an imaginary friend.

Fast forward one additional day. A blog running a contest I’d almost written off, because it was way past when results had been promised, posted early this AM. I’d peeked at my smart phone during a circuit training break and saw it in my Google reader. The post’s subject stated the contest results were in. OK that’s grand but seeing as how I’d received no email, I pretty much concluded I wouldn’t be seeing my name amongst the winners.

Wrong! I won! The prize? A full manuscript request! Now that’s right up there with The Writer’s Voice given who’s gonna be reading my story!!

God didn’t just open a window. He added a freakin’ solarium with a massive sliding screen door!

So while contests still aren’t proof of worth, the moral of the story remains the same:

Never, ever give up.

image from The Office, NBC

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