Monday, August 8, 2016

Louder Than Words Re-releasing!

If you've recently tried to purchase Louder Than Words from Amazon but couldn't, my apologies. The book is in a bit of a transition from one publisher to another. I'm so excited to announce that it will be back very SOON in ebook format on multiple bookseller platforms AND in print! (I just uploaded the files this past weekend but need to do some quality control checks first.)

Please stay tuned!

Here's the new "back of book text":

I thought I’d hit rock bottom when my dad died.
I was wrong.
I never dreamed my mom would choose drugs and alcohol over me.
I was wrong about that too.
I thought teachers were there to instruct, to guide, to counsel. Wrong doesn’t begin to describe what nearly happened that last day of my Junior year. Lesson learned; trust is for suckers and actions speak louder than words.   
New plan. Keep up my grades, earn a scholarship, tuck into as tight a ball as possible and roll on out of this town and this life. 
But this boy, this Casanova transplant with a funny accent, who’s way too charming to be healthy for a girl... Why won’t he let me be?
I wish I hadn’t let him in on my secrets...well, most of them.
I wish I hadn’t grown to look forward to our daily walks to work.
But mostly, I wish I hadn’t freaked out when he tried to steal a kiss.
Maybe I wouldn’t be parked in the friend zone. Maybe he wouldn’t be dating a girl I loathe. Maybe I wouldn’t be in this hell of wanting what I can’t have but having what I thought I wanted—to be left alone. 

As a bonus, I'll be including the first chapter of the sequel to Louder Than Words, Lizzy's story, called More Precious Than Rubies.

I hope you'll add it to your Goodreads To Be Read shelf if you haven't already.

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